7330 FAQs and Programming Examples

Logic Inputs

Q: Can I drive a Logic Input from a RPi GPIO?


Q: How do I create a macro that does something different depending on the port where it's been entered?

Q: How do I delay the PTT on a port after a power cycle?

Q: How do I create a macro that generates a simple message to a specific port?

Q: Can you explain more about how to format an If/Then/Else command?

Q: I have multiple linked controllers.  How can I direct DTMF commands to only one?


Q: How can I change the Courtesy Beeps to play a "V" and a "U" in CW so I know which repeater I'm hearing, VHF or UHF?

Q: How do I use the vocabulary tables and runtime variables to create messages?

Q: How can I play a tone on all ports every 10 seconds?  (Could be used for a Beacon ID.) 

Q: How can I customize the speech on the 7330?

Q: How do I program the Raindrop courtesy beep on the 7330?

Q: How do I program rotating messages?

Q: How do I create a macro that generates a simple message to a specific port?

Paths and Ports

Q: How can I turn on and off crosslinks between ports?

Q: How can I check the Path Enables for a crosslink?

Q: How can I disable my transmitter PTT?

Q: I have a Simplex/Link/Remote Base port.  What commands do I enter so a transmitter has no tail?

Q: My link radio doesn't have a COR signal.  Is there a VOX I can hook up to the 7330?

Q: While a path is timed out, I'd like to have a message sent.  Can I do that?

Q: I have a transceiver on a port that asserts COR while its PTT is asserted! Can I ignore the COR?

Radio Interface
7330 Radio Port to Kenwood TKR-750/850 (TKR Generates TX CTCSS)
7330 Radio Port to Kenwood TKR-750/850 (7330 Generates TX CTCSS)
Serial Port

Q: I'm new to serial ports.  Is there a tutorial available so I can learn more?

Q: I upgraded my PC to Microsoft Windows 7 and now I can't get to the serial port on the controller.  Any ideas?

Q: Minicom (Linux) works with my 7330 to enter commands, but I can't transfer files to do updates.  Can this be fixed?

Q: Can I connect a phone line modem to my 7330 for remote control and updates?

Time-of-Day Clock

Q: Does the Time-of-Day Clock have a means to manually sync at the Top-of-Hour to a contact closure?


Q: How can I test my controller programming without connecting it to a repeater?


Note: if you would like to see a particular example here, please ask.  We'd be happy to expand this list.  We also accept contributions.


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