Compatible Third Party Products

Do more with your S-COM controllers by adding these compatible third-party products to your installation!

P7330 -- 7330 GUI Programming Software

P7330 from Sigrid Company is GUI programming software supporting the S-COM 7330. This software can be ordered to run on your Windows or Mac computer.  A demo version is available to try it out. 

Sigrid Company provides a number of How-To Videos showing how the P7330 forms are used to configure various examples.

Repeater-Builder RIM-Lite -- 7330 to Allstar Interface

This version of RIM Lite from Repeater-Builder is customized to be plug-and-play with the SCOM 7330 repeater controller. Simply plug the module onto an unused controller port, configure the controller and AllStar config files, and you are ready to explore the world of AllStar linking.

Masters Communications -- CTCSS, Squelch and Interfaces

Masters Communications makes a number of audio processing building blocks for repeaters: CTCSS encoders and decoders, Micor squelch, filters, Allstar interfaces, and digital repeater boards.

Northcomm Technologies -- Cables for 7330 to Motorola Repeaters

Northcomm Technologies makes cables for connecting the 7330 to Motorola repeaters. They also offer other problem solving installation components.

mre1032 eBay Store -- Cables for 7330 to radios

The mre1032 Store on eBay offers various cables for connecting the 7330 to various radios.  They will also make custom cables.

7K Digital Audio Board (DAB)

Note: this product is no longer available.

Add WAV file audio to your 7K with the addition of the VYEX 7K Digital Audio Board. The DAB replaces the SSM in your 7K. A new vocabulary provides improved voice quality. Record and download your own WAV audio files via the built-in serial port. Also supports downloading of firmware upgrades. Features built-in, convenient MultiMediaCard™ file storage.


Thunder Eagle Weather Receiver

The Thunder Eagle Weather Eagle weather receiver automatically listens to the strongest NOAA broadcast in your area and records severe weather warnings. You can change the courtesy beep or dropout message on your repeater when a new severe weather alert has been recorded. Users can play back the severe weather warning via the repeater. Live NOAA audio can also be enabled.

The Weather Eagle can be used with any controller that has an audio input and logic inputs and outputs. The receiver comes with the 7K macros required for control of the receiver from a 7K.

Be sure to tell them you heard about the Weather Eagle on the S-COM web page! Also, tell them you're a ham to get the ham discount.

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