Comparison of Files in Release 1.4 vs. 1.5

Here is a summary of what changed on the CD that we ship from Release 1.4 to Release 1.5.  Changes are highlighted in red. 

Release 1.4 Release 1.5
4000.raw 4000.raw
4001.raw 4001.raw
4002.raw 4002.raw
7330_3.3.3.bin 7330_3.4.1.bin
7330_Display Board Schematic.pdf 7330_Display Board Schematic.pdf
7330_Main Board Schematics.pdf 7330_Main Board Schematics.pdf
7330_UserMan_V1.4.pdf 7330_UserMan_V1.5.pdf
BuildSpeechLib.exe BuildSpeechLib.exe
DemoAudioLib.bin DemoAudioLib.bin
diag_1.2.0.bin diag_1.2.0.bin
FirmwareUpdate_V1.4.pdf FirmwareUpdate_V1.5.pdf
ReleaseNotes_V1.4.pdf ReleaseNotes_V1.5.pdf
SBOOT_1.3.0.bin SBOOT_1.4.2.bin
SpLibEng_1.2.bin SpLibEng_1.2.bin




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