Comparison of Files in Release 1.6 vs. 1.7

Here is a summary of what changed between these two releases.  Changes are highlighted in red. 

Release 1.6 Release 1.7
4000.raw 4000.raw
4001.raw 4001.raw
4002.raw 4002.raw
7330_3.5.1.bin 7330_3.6.3.bin
7330_Display Board Schematic.pdf 7330_Display Board Schematic.pdf
7330_Main Board Schematics.pdf 7330_Main Board Schematics.pdf
7330_UserMan_V1.6a.pdf 7330_UserMan_V1.7c.pdf
BuildSpeechLib.exe BuildSpeechLib.exe
DemoAudioLib.bin DemoAudioLib.bin
diag_1.2.0.bin diag_1.2.0.bin
FirmwareUpdate_V1.6.pdf FirmwareUpdate_V1.7.pdf
ReleaseNotes_V1.6.pdf ReleaseNotes_V1.7.pdf
SBOOT_1.5.0.bin SBOOT_1.6.0.bin
SBOOT_1.5.0.S19 SBOOT_1.6.0.S19
SpLibEng_1.2.bin SpLibEng_1.3.bin


ScomConfigUtil.exe ScomConfigUtil.exe


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