7330 Firmware Release 1.6 Is Available!

7330 Firmware Release 1.6 is available.

The major feature in this release is the initial release of the Analog-to-Digital Converter support.  Analog input voltage readings are now available on the console serial port. More about this feature:

-- analog input voltage readings are displayed on the new front panel display command.
-- analog input voltage ranges of 0-to-5 and 0-to-25 volts are available.

There are other features included in this release:

-- A Remote Front Panel command is available from the serial console.  You can see live status of the front panel LEDs plus path status and analog-to-digital input value.

And some defects were fixed including the DTMF Cover Tone stuck on.  See the Release Notes for the complete list.

This free download is available on the 7330 Firmware Upgrades page.

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