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Q: How do I figure out why my Scheduler Setpoint Macro doesn't work?

The Scheduler calls macros according to a schedule defined in its setpoints.  If for some reason the macro does not work then the Scheduler Setpoint will appear to not work and you won't know where the problem is - the macro or the Scheduler Setpoint.

So divide the project into four steps:

7330 Firmware Release 1.6 Is Available!

7330 Firmware Release 1.6 is now available.

The major feature in this release is the initial release of the Analog-to-Digital Converter support.  Analog input voltage readings are now available on the console serial port. More about this feature:

-- analog input voltage readings are displayed on the new front panel display command.
-- analog input voltage ranges of 0-to-5 and 0-to-25 volts are available.

S-COM at Dayton Hamvention 2016!

Thanks to all who came by to see us!  We had a great time this year!  As always, we appreciate the input and feedback on our products.  Only 51 weeks until the next one!

Another FAQ added to our examples page

We've just added another example to our FAQs and Programming Page.  This one was submitted by an owner and describes how to get a scheduler setpoint working.


7330 Radio Port to Yaesu DR-1X Repeater

The Yaesu DR-1X is a multimode repeater that supports analog voice and digital voice.

The 7330 can add functionality to the DR-1X in several ways:

Q: How do I delay the PTT on a port after a power cycle?

After a power failure, some radios require that the PTT not be asserted for some amount of time.  You might need this if you have a tube power amplifier that needs to warm up, a Yaesu DR-1X that might lock up, or a Kenwood TKR-x50 Version 1 that switches modes.

This example uses a User Timer (see page 20-1) that is started by the Power-Up Macro (see page 5-28).  Macros disable the transmitter PTT (see page 11-26), then reenable it after the delay time.

7330 ScriptKit Available

The 7330 Script Kit can be used as a starting point for configuring the ports of a 7330 with various Port Personalities.  I currently have examples posted for a Repeater, a Wired Link (e.g. EchoLink, IRLP, Allstar, another controller) and a Control Receiver.  You can find the Script Kit and its contents here:

7330 Release 1.5 Minor Update

Earlier today I posted an update to the S-COM Configuration Utility that was introduced in Release 1.5.  This update fixes a defect in the interpretation of Scheduler Setpoint commands for Day Codes 40 and greater.  The previous version of the utility was 1.0.1.  The new version is 1.1.0.  This update is available on the 7330 Firmware Upgrades web page.


New 7330 Programming Example: Final ID without CTCSS

This week I was asked how to configure a repeater to ID without a final CTCSS.  This programming example is one way to implement this solution.

7330 Firmware Release 1.5 Is Now Available!

Release 1.5 of the 7330 Firmware is now available!  Our testers have finished their testing and all feedback has been incorporated into the firmware and documentation.

The firmware is available from the 7330 Resources page.  The .zip file contains all files.  If you're unsure if you want to install this release, you can separately download the Release Notes or the Owner's Manual for review.

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