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Upcoming 7330 Firmware Release, Preview...

[Updated 4/2/2014, Dave, WA1JHK]  I'm getting very close to releasing the next version of 7330 firmware.  This is another major release.  This one contains the Configuration File Management feature that we've been talking about for some time.  I think you will be pleased with the results.

7330 Controller Training Slideset Available

In the Denver area, Rocky Mountain Ham Radio hosts a seminar series called RMHam University.  I was recently asked to teach a class on analog repeater controllers, specifically covering the S-COM 7330.  That class was held on Saturday, February 22, 2014 with 21 attendees.  These same slides are now available on the new S-COM Controller Training web site page to use as a reference or to present at a local seminar.

2014 Prices

Effective January 1, 2014, the price of the 7330 Triple Repeater Controller will increase from $479 to $499. Port cables will remain at $24 each, and UPS Ground shipping will remain at $19.

Thank you for your support!

7330 Programming Examples

There's a growing list of 7330 programming examples available now from the link in the menu on the left side of every page.  Customers like you have asked for these examples.  What would you like to do that you haven't gotten around to figuring out yet?  Let us know.  All contributions welcome.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Now that snow is flying in various parts of the country (yesterday, here in Colorado), it's time to think about winter repeater maintenance and controller upgrades.

The EPROM and the battery-backed RAM module in your 5K, 6K, or 7K has a rated lifetime of 10 years. To encourage you to use the latest software, and to help prevent memory failure, we've simplified the pricing structure.

S-COM Services What It Sells!

Every 5K, 6K, 7K or accessory ever sold by S-COM can be serviced by the factory! If you need service, documentation, or upgrades contact us!

7330 Firmware Interim Release Available

Since the release of Release 1.4, three changes have been made to the 7330 repeater controller firmware:

7330 Firmware Release 1.4 Is Now Available!

Release 1.4 of the 7330 Firmware is now available!  Our testers have finished their testing and all feedback has been incorporated into the firmware and documentation.

The firmware is available from the 7330 Resources page.  The .zip file contains all files.  If you're unsure if you want to install this release, you can separately download the Release Notes or the Owner's Manual for review.

S-COM In The News

The S-COM 7330 is shown in the May 2012 issue Mission Critical Communications, page 36, in a product roundup called What's New: Interoperatility.  If you receive the magazine and have that issue, be sure to take a look.

Updated 7330 Speech Library Available!

This updated Speech Library, SpLibEng_1.2, shortens the words in the library by trimming ~5% of quiet from each word. Overall, this has the effect of making sequences of words sound faster.  This library includes the changes from SpLibEng_1.1 which increased the amplitude of all words to full scale and fixed the pronunciation of "Joaquin".  This update replaces the 7xxx_words_1.0.bin that has been shipping in all previous releases.

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