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Do more with your S-COM controllers by adding these compatible third-party products to your installation!
7K Digital Audio Board (DAB)

Add WAV file audio to your 7K with the addition of the VYEX 7K Digital Audio Board. The DAB replaces the SSM in your 7K. A new vocabulary provides improved voice quality. Record and download your own WAV audio files via the built-in serial port. Also supports downloading of firmware upgrades. Features built-in, convenient MultiMediaCard™ file storage.

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ICS Digital Audio Delay Module (DADM)

The popular S-COM DADM lives on as the ICS Digital Audio Delay Module. Add 12 ms to 197 ms of audio delay to your 5K, 6K, or 7K controller's receiver ports. Add a DADM to your controller to eliminate squelch bursts when a user unkeys or to hide DTMF tones. Easy installation.

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Thunder Eagle Weather Receiver

The Thunder Eagle Weather Eagle weather receiver automatically listens to the strongest NOAA broadcast in your area and records severe weather warnings. You can change the courtesy beep or dropout message on your repeater when a new severe weather alert has been recorded. Users can play back the severe weather warning via the repeater. Live NOAA audio can also be enabled.

The Weather Eagle can be used with any controller that has an audio input and logic inputs and outputs. The receiver comes with the 7K macros required for control of the receiver from a 7K.

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Doug Hall Electronics Remote Base Interface

The Doug Hall Electronics RBI-1 remote base interface brings frequency agile, multi-band remote base operation to the S-COM 7K controller. Up to four bands can be controlled. Supported radios include most of the Kenwood mobile radio series, eg. TM-241 and TM-441 (see the RBI-1 documentation for specific models supported). The S-COM 7K controller with firmware version 2.01 and newer provide full support for the RBI-1.

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